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 We get a lot of "thanks yous" here at the boat shop, but, few actually take the time to write it down and send it to us. Here is where I will begin posting these words of customer kindness. But, first I would like to extend our deep appreciation to all of our customers who bring their boats to us for work. We greatly enjoy our chosen profession and, go the extra mile, expressing that visually in the work we do.


2010 H.B. Estes Paddlewheel 24' Pontoon Boat 


When I decided to build this boat I had no idea that I would be going into this much detail with the interior But as you know I ended up naming my boat the H.B. Estes to honor Harold B. Estes, a 95 year old retired navy Bos'n Mate and the color scheme had to be red, white and blue. I never heard of Indy Covers but found you while perusing the internet. This turned out to be one of the highlights of the whole project with you taking such a personal interest in it. Your input into the design was critical since I only knew that standard seating would not work. The corner seats and bench seats provide a practical but attractive look to the boat. The console was a major concern since it was unusual in that it not only had a steering wheel and gauges but contained the engine, battery, fuel tank and a hydraulic system. The bench seat on it with the blue stripe accented by the red trim really makes it stand out. People comment a lot about it since it is not only a unusual part of the boat but your covering gives the whole boat a sense of quality. With the interior completed I asked you to make a cover which I understand is the largest one you have ever made. The fact that I told you I wanted no snaps made it a challenge since you had to go with a draw rope around the entire perimeter of the boat. Since this is a paddlewheel boat and I wanted to protect the wheel as well, it was great the way you made the cover to fit over the rear so it is protected. Great job! Please feel free to use me as a reference. It has not only been an enjoyable experience but a pleasure to do business with someone who cares about their customers and does outstanding work.


Harley Wilson


A note about the following boat:

Extensive interior replacement including floor work, all carpet, wood replacement, etc.

The "Super Deluxe" interior in this Bayliner model is equal to two average runabouts!

 Bill and Eric

Here is a long and overdue Thank You for the refurbishment work you did on our boat. Since you still have the pictures on your web-site I won't send you any. We have not only enjoyed the boat since it was reupholstered but we feel like we have a New Boat again.

As you know I have been in the Corporate Aircraft Services industry since 1990 and I have seen multi million dollar refurbishments done in multi million dollar aircraft. Well we are not talking millions but the $4,300.00 dollars I spent was a great value for the job done.

You and Eric did a great job, and when you came in on budget it goes to show that you truly know and Love the work you are doing. There was no Bait and Switch involved, something that has happened to me on a previous boat back in the 80's. I can't be sure how many times I heard "what a great job they did" this summer but it was always the same consensus. You guys did a GREAT JOB.

Please share this with potential customers and also give them my phone number if needed as I will talk to anyone who needs a pre-loved boat to look new again.

Again, sorry for taking so long to thank you but I have been busy enjoying my new boat.

Jeff Hannie

Sales Director MW & NE

Aviation Partners, Inc.


If you are in need of any boat upholstery repair on your seats or any other boat item including boat covers. You might want to check out the guys at Indy Covers in Mooresville, In. Bill Barnhill (owner) and Eric do fantastic honest work. I do not work for these guys, I am just a very satisfied customer. They just redid my 1995 Bass Tracker carpet, road cover, and several other things for my boat. This actually looks better than the factory work from Bass Tracker themselves. The work is fantastic. I know I sound like a commercial for Indy Covers, but, if you check out their work you will understand why I am so happy about the work they did on my boat, at a much better price than I was quoted from anybody else. Sorry for the long speech, just like to pass on good business to fellow boat owners. So give Bill or Eric a call 317-831-5916

From: Jerry Brown