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I encourage you to shop around for pricing and quality on the custom services I offer.

Established 2001.

My prices are lower because my overhead is low. All work is performed from my home boatshop. I do not play the fabric game like others in this business. All exterior cover fabrics used for marine applications only vary by a couple dollars per yard when you have an account set up with one of the major distributors. One yard from my distributor is 36" x 60". Majority of cost for covers or upholstery is in the labor. It takes skill, experience and many hours to measure, cut, and sew. I will make some suggestions, but, you pick the fabric. If you select a fabric that is the most expensive, I will only be out ten or fifty dollars on my labor. Your satisfaction is worth more to me than a couple dollars!

Your boat will be inside, out of the weather, while the work is performed.

I do not cut corners at my shop. You will be satisfied!

I schedule boats in the order jobs are recieved. Your boat will be finished in only a few business days after you drop it off or after the agreed time work begins (exception of large upholstery projects).

Notice as of 01/20/2013: The current state of the economy is still forcing unpredictable price fluctuations in my industry. Mostly frequent commodity increases such as petroleum and inflation from U.S. currency devaluation. I receive notices weekly identifying products which have increased in cost as a result. Please use the prices indicated below as a quideline and contact me for actual cost. I will do my best to update the site to reflect new pricing at least once a month. This may not occur in the summer season as we get extremely busy!

TRAILERABLE BOAT COVERS: I must see the job before offering the final quote and fit guarantee. Prices range from $19.50 per foot to $26.50 per foot depending on materials selected (trim, etc.). Also, please note that a discount may be obtained if you choose fabric in our inventory and we do not have to order new fabric that may now be at an increased cost. Beam 6' to 8'. Be sure to add 2' to the overall length of your boat for 1' overhang on bow and transom. 2' of additional width may also be necessary if the rub rail is low on the freeboard. All trailerable covers come complete with 1" triple stitched nylon tie-downs with nylon draw string cord. I also wish point out that all colors regardless of material, brand name or manufactures claims will eventually fade if left outside in prolonged sunlight. Some materials in as little as six months, others as long as two years. Most fabrics fade evenly so you should'nt really notice when they do.

$60.00 to $75.00 for outboard engine covers.

Topgun, Mustang, Aqualon, Pacifica, Sunbrella, Tempotest, etc. Good breathability fabric prohibits mold growth. Extremely good water-repellency. Nine to twelve ounce per yard fabric.

MOORING COVERS: Complete with installed female snap connectors. Same pricing as the trailerable boat covers providing your boat has the male snap connectors already installed around the top of the gunwales, transom, and windshield. Exact linier length from windshield trim to transom snaps.

I can install the male snap connectors. Please see "Snap Installation" pricing below.

SNAP INSTALLATION: This service provided if your boat hull does not already have snaps installed around the exterior. Price includes snap and installation.

Male Screw Snaps and Window Frame Snaps: $1.95 ea.

HATCH COVERS: Kiln dried oak, cut to fit, 4 coats of exterior urethane.

1/2" Thick - $0.23 per square inch.

3/4" Thick - $0.27 per square inch.

1" Thick - $0.31 per square inch.

All mahogany and teak must be quoted. Please inquire. Use your existing hardware or I can provide new hardware at additional cost.

UPHOLSTERY: Your choice of colors. Most jobs will require quotation due to the infinite variety of interior components and designs. However, as an example, the layback seats pictured on the "upholstery" link page cost $495.00 each (complete with new frames, using existing hardware and seat box). Cost for layback seat panels only and installation using your seat frames, foam and hardware (assuming they are useable) is $390.00 each. Multi-colored seat panel designs will add slightly to the cost. New seat boxes will cost you $115.00 each. Yes....I have also seen seats advertised for sale for less than this price; however, you get one size fits all, cheap vinyl (be careful, some of these manufacturers even use interior vinyl!), tupperware type plastic construction and limited choice on color of seat panels and trim. The vinyl I use is specified for the marine environment and will closely match your interior. It feels and looks like leather not plastic!

BIMINI TOPS: Anodized, custom bent, aluminum frames. Each bow is one continuous tube here at Indy Covers. Your choice of color and fabric. 53" to 96" beam. Price includes all materials and proper installation for standup/laydown top. Please add $60.00 for matching zippered storage boot (up to $95.00 for large boot).

Please be aware that kit tops ordered from the internet do not use one piece bows. You will be required to use two tube adapters and screw them in place to make each bow. This method weakens the bows and soon rattles apart when used.

2 Bow - 66" long and 42" high - $430.00 ....................Fabric Top only: $210.00

3 Bow - 72" long and 36" to 46" high - $540.00..........Fabric Top only: $275.00

4 Bow - 96" long and 54" high - $695.00.....................Fabric Top only: $335.00

"Always Standup" option includes: 2 - 7/8" dia. struts, 2 jaw slides, 4 eye ends, 2 deck hinges, and installation. Cost: $75.00

CAMPER ENCLOSURES: Again, most boats require quotation. Includes "no-seeum" bug screen (you decide the window size). I prefer using velcro and snap fasteners on all enclosure panels. Velcro is just as secure and long lasting as zippers and easier, less expensive to repair/replace in the long run. All enclosures are provided with two map/storage pockets and a custom sewn travel/storage bag. Pricing below for openbow or cuddy style boats with existing bimini/convertible top.

Side panel curtains for stand-up bimini: 18' boat - $195.00 ea., 22' to 24' boat - $240.00 ea.

Back panel curtain for stand-up bimini: 18' boat - $180.00, 22' to 24' boat - $245.00. Other options such as entry zippers are available. Please inquire.

Front windshield (40 mil, clear 20/20) for stand-up bimini: 18' boat - $120.00, 22' to 24' boat - $190.00. Other options such as zippered roll up/down center are available. Please inquire.

Front windshield (fabric only) for stand-up bimini: 18' boat - $95.00, 22' to 24' boat - $115.00

Side and back windows (40 mil, clear 20/20), All windows are trimmed with color matching fabric. Windows can be sewn in or roll-up/down and provided with velcro or zippered fastener (addtional cost, please inquire): 24"x24" - $45.00 ea., 24"x40" - $60.00 ea., 36"x40" - $80.00

Please deduct 15% for lower profile bimini/convertible tops (windshield, side and back panels only).


Please expect this multi-step process to take at least one full day, maybe longer depending on the condition of the hull.

Prices below reflect 5 step chemical process. Please deduct 15% if your boat only needs a rub-out and wax.

Transom only:

4' Beam - $70.00, 6' Beam - $80.00, 8' Beam - $90.00

Hull Exterior (sides and bow to waterline only, includes transom):

16' boat - $225.00, 18' Boat - $260.00, 20' Boat - $295.00, 22' to 24' - $360.00, Over 24' - please call for quotation

Hull Interior (dash, gunwales top and insides)

16' boat - $75.00, 18' Boat - $90.00, 20' Boat - $100.00, 22' to 24' - $120.00, Over 24' - please call for quotation

PAYMENT: I accept cash, certified checks, cashiers checks, money orders, and personal checks (with proper I.D.)