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 Do you have an older fiberglass boat with a hull that has seen better days?

Keeping a hull looking like new is a frequent and very time consuming task! Most of us just don't have the time or want to put the effort into it. Maybe, you just got a deal on an older boat and have tried every store bought cleaner you could buy, but it just won't come clean and shine!

I can offer you one of two low cost solutions to spending $1,500.00, plus, having the boat repainted.

Option 1: Hand rubbing the boat with fiberglass rubbing compound and Carnauba wax (the hardest wax in the world) works very well for removing light oxidation and bringing the boat back to a near factory finish. About 15 hours for a 18' boat.

Option 2: My five step gellcoat restoration is required if the oxidation is severe. All steps performed by hand. This method insures nothing gets overlooked. About 20 hours for a 18' boat.

First step: I clean the boat. The special cleaner and pad strips all layers of oxidation, dirt, wax and stains caused by rust, fuel and oil.

Second step: Apply a color pigment restoration chemical. This chemistry miracle is worked into the gellcoat with a special pad. Ultraviolet light interacts with it and the original color dye pigments. I use two different kinds of product, one for white, and one for all other colors. Both treatments remove discoloration (like the yellowish white on old boats) and actually continue to brighten and restore original color exposed to sunlight over time. The process can be time consuming depending on the condition of the boat hull.

Third step: Application of sealent. Once step two is complete, I spray and wipe the entire treated surface with a plastisizer. This seals the gellcoat against future color loss.

Fourth step: Wax conditioner application. Next I wipe the entire surface with a special wax conditioner and buff. This wax conditioner further seals the gellcoat, makes it easier to clean water stains, accidental fuel/oil spills, and leaks.

Fifth step: Final wax. I wipe and buff this last product on the surface. It gives the gellcoat a mirror hard coating.

Below, I have posted some before and after pics of a 1969 Fabuglass transom that I restored. The picture on the left is before the process. The picture on the right was taken the next day. Look closely to see where the oxidation and stains have been removed. Finally, look at the color difference. All pictures are original and have not been altered in any way! I guarantee you will be satisfied with the results!



 1984 Century.


This boat had heavy oxidation.


She looked virtually brand new after treatment.


1996 Caravelle. As you can plainly see the boat hull is pretty soiled from sitting in the water all summer.




Gellcoat restored.....period! You don't get a better example than this!


Mid 80's "MAXUM", 21' LOA, cuddy cabin. My opinion was this boat was purchased right. The boat was in very good mechanical condition, but, the exterior and interior needed restored. The owner paid $3,500.00 for this boat.




The gellcoat came back nicely! Easily put 10 years back on the boat!! Check out the new interior on the "Upholstery" page.





This boat with the new interior and gellcoat restoration could easily compete with a three year old $35,000 small cuddy cruiser. The owner now has $5,500 in this boat!!!


 1977 Caravelle. This hull has been well taken care of but the pics do show where the original striping was removed.




Gellcoat restored and faded striping is virtually nonexistant. Boat now has the original factory color and shine.



 BEFORE - Diluted acid was used to remove bottom scale before gellcoat treatment.